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Seeed Presented Industrial-grade IoT Products at China Hi-Tech Fair 2020

This week on Nov 11 ~ Nov 15, we are busy participating in CHTF (China Hi-Tech Fair), with showcases of Seeed IIoT products as well as a speech from Shuyang Zhou, the Sales Director at Seeed.


Renowned as “the No. 1 Technology Show in China”, CHTF is the largest and the most influential scientific and technological fair in China, with a total exhibition area of 100,000㎡, 3000 exhibitors, and 500,000 visitors from 50 countries (Source: CHTF). CHTF is the trade show to go for tech companies to showcase their latest technologies, products, and applications; and for investors,  practitioners in tech industries, and the public to learn about new trends of technological applications and emerging technologies.


Among the many halls of various exhibitions at CHTF, Hall 1 has a focus on Information Technology, with companies such as HuaweiPing’an TechnologyBOEFuji, and many other tech companies. There is also a section showing technologies, products, and services from countries of the Belt & Road Initiative.

(recap of Day 1 at CHTF 2020. video credit: CHTF official WeChat account)

Seeed booth (C102) is located at the Smart Pole section in Hall 1. We are exhibiting SenseCAP ONE series, the industrial-grade meteorological sensors/compact weather stations, which are highly suitable to be deployed with light poles to construct smart pole applications that are widely deployed in cities and towns. SenseCAP series IIoT products received very positive feedback from the attendees and potential customers for the product design and specifications. Among the many conversations during the fair, the major needs lie in city environmental monitoring projects, which are usually incorporated in the smart pole applications!

As an inseparable part of the new infrastructure, the smart pole applications usually include the following devices and services:

  • 5G base station & WLAN
  • Street light
  • Surveillance camera
  • Face recognition system & device
  • Traffic control and guidance system
  • Speaker, radio, and display
  • Charging pole for drones
  • Charging pole for electrical vehicles
  • Contactless parking payment system
  • Guidance system for driverless cars
  • And more

With some or all the above devices & services included, the smart pole applications can perform the following functions:

  • 5G network or WiFi coverage;
  • Smart lighting that turns the street light on & off according to needs;
  • CCTV that monitors the traffic and provides alert for any accidents or emergencies;
  • Traffic management that provides guidances for drivers based on the traffic conditions of different roads;
  • Environmental monitoring that provides meteorological info for city environment and traffic management;
  • Signage to display messages for reminding drivers of traffic or weather conditions;
  • Emergency button, to call for aids when there are emergencies or accidents;
  • And more…


Seeed IIoT products SenseCAP ONE series compact weather-station are highly suitable to be used in smart pole applications for collecting environmental data in the city. For example, the SenseCAP ONE S900 integrates the following sensors: air temperature, air humidity, barometric pressure, light, optical wind speed and wind speed, optical rain gauge, PM2.5, and PM10. These parameters, when collected, will be widely used in the city management in different sectors, including but not limited to: traffic management based on weather conditions, and environmental protection measures based on the environmental data!


(Shuyang is introducing the various tests that we have conducted to ensure the quality and functionality of the SenseCAP ONE series in extreme environments.)

As mentioned during Shuyang’s speech at CHTF2020, the commercialization of weather and climate data has played an important role in many industries and will make a larger impact on many more industries including retail, transportation, cleaning services near my location, sporting events, agriculture, construction, and more!


(Shuyang is introducing examples of weather data’s role in different industries)

With access to the weather and climate data, there are huge opportunities that we can better prevent and handle accidents, better manage and ensure safety and stability in the society; better prepare to avoid, prevent, and lower loss; to optimize and increase growth in the business, thus leading to the biggest return on investment socially and economically.

Seeed is looking forward to contributing to the commercialization of weather and climate data with our newly-released SenseCAP ONE series meteorological sensors. Welcome to contact us should you have any needs for meteorological or environmental sensing devices, no matter for applications in smart pole in the city, smart agriculture in the field, air quality applications in industrial park/factories/construction sites, or other environmental sensing applications! Please drop a line to iot[at]seeed[dot]cc.

Last but not the least, tomorrow will be the last day of CHTF, seize the chance to visit and get a taste of new technologies from China and worldwide. If you are not in Shenzhen, check out the online exhibition of CHTF2020 and updates at CHTF’s website. Welcome to join us during the next show in Shenzhen!

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