///Product Customization Services

Product Customization Services

We provide one-stop services for IoT device development, from product design, customization, certification, mass production to final global distribution.


Internet of Things (IoT) opens a way to help us understand what is happening in the atom world in real-time. IoT is permeating in all kinds of applications, be it the consumers, commercial, industrial, or infrastructure applications. And it’s natural that we are expecting increasing demands for IoT devices.

While there are many products ready to be used off-the-shelf, we’ve been approached by different customers, who are looking for custom-designed IoT devices including sensors of different protocols, several-in-one sensors that measure different parameters, and new sensors for a specific application scenario, etc.

We are expecting to see more and more IoT devices contributing to the trend of digital transformation, and we are so ready to support this.

Seeed provides one-stop services to lower the barrier for you to build IoT devices.

You might be wondering how we can lower the barrier?

Our services make sure your IoT project meets the design requirements of functionality, quality, protocol requirements, and industry standards. Your project will be designed by our professional and supportive team who has accumulated more than a decade of experience in designing IoT devices, equipped with the ins and outs of the hardware product design.

We make sure your IoT project meets the expected timeline, quality, and cost of manufacturing. Seeed will share our supply chain resources with you to minimize your inputs in the process of sourcing and production.

We make sure your products delivered with various logistics options in a timely and cost-effective manner, at the same time promoted and sold to a global market.

Here is an outline of what you can get from Seeed customization services.

We understand that time is critical. To help you understand the process and timeline, we have a simple guide below for your reference. The timeline varies as each project is unique. Adding extra functionalities, requesting for numerous certifications and other requirements may need extra time in development. The timeline below is provided based on the typical projects that we’ve served in the past years. For a more detailed timeline and process, please refer to this link.