///NDIR CO2 Sensor with UART, I2C, & PTFE Filter (S-CO2-01A)

NDIR CO2 Sensor with UART, I2C, & PTFE Filter (S-CO2-01A)

This digital NDIR CO2 sensor comes with UART and I2C interfaces, built-in calibration functionality, and compact in size, making it widely applicable in greenhouses, poultry farms, transportation stations, and other application scenarios where CO2 level is needed.


CO2 has a large impact on us, human activities, plants, and animals, basically everything on this planet. In agriculture, CO2 is vital for photosynthesis, and increases in CO2 concentration could be beneficial to certain crops such as wheat, rice, and soya beans, etc. [Source: Climate Change and World Agriculture] Whereas, a high CO2 level may cause asphyxiation to human and animals. The CO2 emissions trapped in the atmosphere is the main cause of global warming. CO2 also causes the ocean to become acid, which causes harm to life in the ocean. Hence, getting access to the data on the CO2 level is important. With the data available, we will know what actions to take in different circumstances.

This CO2 Sensor is a digital NDIR (nondispersive infrared) sensor based on the Sensirion SCD30 sensor module, which enables the highest accuracy in the measurement of CO2 level in the atmosphere continuously and accurately for long-term use. It’s designed with a built-in calibration functionality, making it more accurate and reliable in measurement. We’ve also added a specially-designed PTFE filter which allows airflow and ensures fast response. It comes with UART and I2C interfaces, compact in size, can be easily integrated into various application scenarios.

This product also has two other sensors (humidity and temperature) on board. Please see the detailed specifications of each parameter below.


  • High performance: high accuracy, fast response, and superior stability
  • Sensirion NDIR SCD30 Sensor: compact size, best performance-to-price ratio
  • User-friendly: fully-calibrated, easy to install and integrate
  • Wide-range Power Supply: 5V ~ 16V
  • Wide Range & High Accuracy: 400ppm ~ 10,000 ppm, ±(30 ppm + 3%MV)


Parameters Conditions Value
Measurement Range 0 to 40,000 ppm
Accuracy 400 to 10,000ppm ± (30 ppm + 3 %MV)
Repeatability 400 to 10,000ppm ±10 ppm
Temperature Stability

T = 0 … 50°C,
400 ppm – 10’000 ppm

±2.5 ppm/℃

Response Time






Accuracy Drift over Lifetime


400 ppm – 10’000 ppm


± 50ppm



Parameters Conditions Value
Measurement Range

0 %RH – 100 %RH


25°C, 0 – 100 %RH



± 0.1 %RH

Response Time



Accuracy Drift

< 0.25 %RH / year


Parameters Conditions Value
Measurement Range

– 40°C – 70°C



± (0.4°C + 0.023 × (T [°C] – 25°C))


± 0.1°C

Response Time


> 10s

Accuracy Drift

< 0.03 °C / year


  • Smart Agriculture /Precision Farming
  • Greenhouse Management
  • Smart Cities
  • Smart Weather Station
  • Transportation Stations
  • Other Environmental Monitoring Applications

Wiring Diagram

Probe Dimensions